DSC level 2

DSC Level 2

DSC Level 2 follows on from level 1 and is the practical element.

In order to obtain Deer Stalking certificate level 2 ( DSC level 2), a portfolio issued by one of the main bodies (e.g. BASC) needs to be completed, this entails the culling of a minimum of 3 animals and these culls must be witnessed and the witness must be shown that you are able to meet all the required criteria. For those of you that have experience then this can be achieved purely by having witnessed stalks but for those without experience training can be given but not during the witnessed stalk. Criteria: – Cull Animal and Lymph Glands Identification – Stalking Techniques – Safety – Shooting Ability – Preparation of Carcass for the Food Chain – Cost £150.00 This can be arranged on our own land or yours.

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