Performance Criteria:

The DSC level 1 courses incorporate all the sections required to obtain the Level 1 certificate as set down by DMQ and is conducted over 4 days.

To be awarded the Deer Stalking Certificate – Level One ( DSC level 1) the candidate must demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following areas:
- Deer biology and ecology – Demonstrate a knowledge of the life and reproductive cycles, habitat requirements and behaviour of the six species of wild deer.

- Deer identification – Demonstrate an ability to identify the six species of deer normally found in the wild in the UK

- The law – Demonstrate a knowledge of the legal basis for the use of firearms and the culling of wild deer.

- Stalking techniques and taking the shot – Demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of the basis of stalking techniques, points of aim and the reaction of the deer to shot placement.

- Safety – Demonstrate an ability to safely handle firearms.

- Shooting – Demonstrate an ability to shoot accurately and consistently.

- Registration & Assessment only £140

- DSC level 1 Course, Registration & Assessment £340

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