Pigeon Shooting

We now shoot in five different Counties in Central and South East England with land amounting to well over 250,000 hectares, this gives us a tremendous variety of crops to shoot over throughout the farming year.
Over the last 25 years, a large amount of experience & knowledge in the art of Pigeon Decoying has been accumulated, with this expertise we are able to offer exciting sport with returning good bags.
Please remeber that the Pigeon is a truly wild bird and very challenging to shoot.

High Season  
Runs from mid-March through April (Spring Drilling)
May & June (Peas, Spring Rape, & Laid Barley)
July, August & September (Rape, Corn, Pea & Bean Stubble)
All of this followed by Winter drilling.

All equipment is supplied by us ie Pigeon magnet, decoys, Hide etc.

Cost £145 per day